All-in-One Film, Photography, Manual Film Processing and Photo Gallery

I-m-ageplayground is established in 2013. We aim to share and promote film photography. By inheriting the root of photography and preserving the “art of analogism” in the digital age, we aim to cultivate appreciation for the aesthetic of classical photography.

I-m-ageplayground‘s main business focus includes films, film cameras and darkroom accessories retailing.

Classes for film photography, film processing and photo enlargement are held periodically. We also rent out darkroom equipment for film processing and photo enlargement. We wish to bring you a complete and enjoyable experience of film, from the moment you press the shutter release, until the final output of your photo in the darkroom. Film processing is not just a manual black and white film process, we also provide workshops for manual negative(C41) film, slide(E6) processing and motion picture film(ECN-2), which are rarely found in Hong Kong.

I-m-ageplayground co-operates with photo equipment companies such as Fujifilm, Impossible Project and Lomography.
To promote the film and instant photography culture and to inspire more creativity for analogism, we regularly hold experience days of new cameras or film products.

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